envisioning your home’s future,
while We DESIGN for the life you are living TODAY

Your energy. Your space to thrive. YOUR SANCTUARY.

Clark & Clark Interiors believes it’s about you…that the space you inhabit should comfort, inspire and help you thrive. It should be an authentic reflection of your life and personal style.

Through beauty and design your home becomes a place that nurtures your wellbeing. We are devoted to creating spaces that ease stress and improve your physical and emotional health. 

We want to expand you beyond your comfort zone and perhaps delight you with unexpected details. The fun for you is in learning how color, texture, light, and nature create an environment that deepens the relationship you have with your home. 

The flow of your home and the integration of activity is unique to you.  It’s important to us, that your environment aligns with the way you live. Our designs are an embodiment of you and what works for your life. Our reward? Witnessing that sense of fulfillment when you experience the emotional benefits of good design and beauty. We’ll help you look into your home’s future and anticipate, with excitement, the years to come.

We hope you will reach out for an introductory conversation. It’s on us!

Lynne & Liza

Creating an experience through environment

We believe beauty and design create a home environment that nurtures.

Design harmony

Design harmony and unity play distinct roles in the way we help you experience interior design. They add wholeness, balance and order. They take all of the design parts and pieces and create a oneness. A completed balance of color, light, space and scale.

“I feel settled… complete.” 

Nature's Influence on Design

Biophilic Design connects and aligns one’s home environment more closely to nature. By incorporating components like natural lighting and ventilation, landscape features and other elements from or inspired by nature, a healthy and more productive environment is created.

“A sense of peace; I can escape in my own home.”

Infusing Energy Through Color & Light

Light & color, two key ingredients that are integral to good design. Our most important energy source is light from which the entire color spectrum is derived. Light flows through you and influences your biochemical system which affects your being. Light and color pair together, creating frequencies that produce specific energy that has a nutritive effect. The integration of light, color and design nurtures a deep, soulful and connected relationship between you and your home. 

“I feel joyful and relaxed; I have that ‘Ah’ feeling.” 




We start with a complimentary phone call to discuss what is and is not working in your space. Then we visit with you in person to begin thinking about and planning for your project (consultation fee required). Following the visit, design charges accrue hourly and are billed monthly. 

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