What started with wanting a “wow factor” when you walked into the home, turned into a whole home makeover. We began with creating a colorful yet timeless living room that includes an oversized desk for the kids to do their homework. From there, the playroom and breakfast area were transformed into an elevated dining room that comfortably seats the family on a daily basis and easily accommodates extended family whom they host often. After experiencing these changes, the clients were ready to create a sanctuary in the master bedroom and bathroom. We used a neutral foundation and added touches of the client’s love of purple in the bedding and art while also mixing metals to achieve the glamorous vibe desired. 

We start with a complimentary phone call to discuss what is and is not working in your space. Then we visit with you in person to begin thinking about and planning for your project (consultation fee required). Following the visit, design charges accrue hourly and are billed monthly. 

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